Opinion: The Texas woman arrested for an abortion is a harbinger of what’s to come


HR Heisman
Oct 30, 2001
I saw these kids too in Texas. Dropped at 6:59 AM on the walkway at school, to get the free breakfast. Wash your face and hands real good because you fell asleep at 11 o’clock with no bath. Free lunch of course and then the after school extended day care with the after school snack which for some was their dinner. The principal went through six or seven loaves of bread and two jars of peanut butter so the kids could get a litmore sustenance. Mom pulled up at one minute before Extended Care was over, her boyfriend driving, she gets out and yells hurry up and get in.
No hi sweetie how was your day, no hug.
She has a man and that’s the ticket.
I could go on and it used to upset me a lot. These were primary grade little ones. My husband used to tell me don’t take the sub jobs over at that school since it upsets you. I felt guilty but eventually I slid into full time at a high school.
It’s been going on for years and years.
Don’t make babies you don’t really want.
And yet you blindly vote for the party that has proven time and time again that they don't give a shit about these kids and regularly trash the party that does. This seems especially disingenuous.
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