The Best Place in Iowa City to find a....


Aug 16, 2016
I haven’t had a pizza burger in like, forever…
Pizza burgers are by far my favorite but every place has went to hell on them. Now you order a pizza burger and restaurants give you a little meat patty with a slice of cheese and tomato sauce dribbled on it. They are horrible.
A true pizza burger has the meat and cheese inside the breading. If they have the cheese on the outside with some red sauce it's a counterfeit and should be thrown out.

There are a handful of good pizza burgers still in Iowa though. Whitey's in Lisbon has a decent one. Normally overcooked though.
The best pizza burger in Iowa is the little bar in Lovilla, Ia. Snack Shack in Albia, Ia has a pretty good one also but not nearly as good as the Lovilla one.

el dub

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Nov 2, 2005
WTH is a pizza burger? Here we go again.
Btw, don’t sweat it. I’m sure there are local delicacies in your neck of the woods that we’ve never experienced either. Like, opossum burgers….

Btw2: You JE’s kin?


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Jun 22, 2020
Let me tell you a secret: The best tenderloin in Iowa is the one that comes from the Farmington meat locker. They sell them frozen, vacuum sealed and you pan fry it yourself at home. Beats any restaurant tenderloin I've ever had, even from so-called "Best Tenderloin in the State" places like Butch's River Rock Cafe in Oakland Mills.
Back in the day, my grandparents ran a meat locker in Earlham. Don't know what secrets they learned about making tenderloins, but I can assure you nothing can compare to granny's handmade pan-fried tenderloin. Paired with some of Gobblin's morels, I'd be in heaven now.
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