Woman with no pants uses feminine deodorant spray as weapon against clerk, Virginia cops say


HR Heisman
Jan 19, 2004
A 43-year-old Washington, D.C. woman matching that description was found outside, “sitting in her vehicle at one of the gas pumps,” officials said.

“Deputy Crossett asked (her) about the incident and she confirmed she attempted to steal the items then sprayed the employee with feminine deodorant,” officials said.

A 2-ounce can of “fresh floral” scented ExtraCare Feminine Deodorant spray was also recovered, officials said. The product promises “all day freshness control” and includes ingredients such as
butane and propane.



HR All-American
Jan 23, 2018
When I was in college, my political philosophy/marxist thought professor one day argued that marx was ultimately wrong because he had undersold the ability of capitalism to create new markets, including through advertising that he had not foreseen. Or, as he more colorfully put it:

"Consider, for example, vaginal deodorants. We now have a market for a product because we've been able to convince buyers that, notwithstanding 5000 years of human experience to the contrary, it's somehow not ok to smell like a human being.'

And now this woman comes on and paves the way for yet another new market for the product in the personal defense space...