GOP/business groups lobbying Sen. Krysten Sinema to change or sink Dem economic deal


HR Legend
Nov 10, 2006

(CNN) Republican senators and the business community are mounting a full-court press on Sen. Kyrsten Sinema to sink -- or substantially change -- the Democrats' economic package, arguing in private conversations that the new tax increases would hurt companies in her home state of Arizona.

And in a private call with business groups on Tuesday, Sinema asked a question about the bill's proposed 15% minimum tax on corporations that gave them some hope for optimism.

"Is this written in a way that's bad?" Sinema asked,according to Danny Seiden, president of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, who relayed the call to CNN.

"It gave me hope that she's willing to open this up and maybe make it better," Seiden said.

Sinema's office declined to comment about the call.