New Story ***PG Brock Harding commits to Iowa***

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Feb 5, 2003
Is there still an off topic board?
Imagine being a 16/17 year old who worked your whole life to be good enough at something to get a scholarship to do it at an Big Ten school. Then you go online to see what people think about your commitment and you read this drivel.

80% of this board thought the Keegan and Kris scholarships were a waste and were ready to fire Fran. Stop complaining about a kid until he gets on campus a few years and you see him play. Brock looks like he is a player, leave it at that and we’ll see him on campus in a year.


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Oct 31, 2001
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Drawing a racially-based conclusion from statistics without looking at other factors is not fact-based reasoning.

The average CEO in the United States is a white male, ~52 years old. Does that mean that 52 year old white males are inherently the best at this?

Or in another sport, the average age, race and sex of lacrosse players in the US is a 38 year old white male. Does that mean that they are inherently the best at lacrosse?
Sorry I replied to that idiot. I should have known that anyone who uses such logic is too stupid to listen to reason.
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Jan 4, 2004
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So 16% of shooters were black. blacks make up 14% of total population. So they were way over represented also. Look at all the stats please. I don't remember any shooter as being female also. So sex had nothing to do with it. White shooters were 53% of total shooters, but overall they are 60% of the population. So actually underrepresented.
I guess they should just try harder.

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May 9, 2018
This thread should be thrown in a furnace , I sincerely am glad I don't have to deal with some of You on a Daily basis . I bet the Recruit would agree .
Rather than worrying what thread goes where, thus imposing your preferred result on everyone else, why not just ignore the shit you don't want to read, assuming no one is making you read anything you do not want to read and let everyone else do and say what they want?
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