Strange year, but we do usually improve…


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Mar 26, 2007
I am totally fine with you having an approving opinion of KF and the program. It doesnt change the fact that the Iowa offense is near the very bottom of college football. Something has been broken on the offensive side for a long time.

What i do not understand is why you and some others take it so personally. Do you even read what you post and to that which you are responding ? People apologize and use 'whataboutism' with KF like they are his relatives. Maybe you are i dont know.

I have supported iowa football for 50 years. Please put me on ignore if you cant accept criticism.

Agreed and I don’t usually take any posts here personally myself. The reverse is also true tho - there are ALOT of posters who have shown up the last 3 weeks and post as tho Kirk is starting Spencer as some sort of FU to the fans and would rather go down with Petras than win football games.

I fully agree that it would be best if Alex at the very least were splitting time with Petras and couldn’t answer once and for all who should be the guy. It’s frustrating as hell to see Kirk clearly and unequivocally state Spencer is the #1, insist they have confidence in Alex as well…and then not give him a single snap in nonconference play even As Spencer struggled mightily for the most part and the entire offense faceplanted.
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