U23 Day 2 results/discussion


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Jan 21, 2019
Kueter's development will be far greater impacted by his football career than anything the Brands Bros can do for him.

If he were to be a fully dedicated HWT wrestler you'd have a better point.
I don’t disagree (I agree that his biggest obstacle is football) but who have the brands bros developed as an upper weight in all their years who even remotely resembles a bo nickal? Tony? Warner? Not even close. There’s a problem there and it can be ignored by the ignorant if they choose to. But yeah, name someone. I can name a lot of lower weights but those big guys names are eluding me at the moment. Feel free to fill me in.


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Jan 1, 2020
I agree with you on the slip (terrible call the first time and even worse to uphold it on review, baffling actually). The exposure early would have been reversed on a challenge, but I would say the same on the slip so who the hell knows. The PD could go either way so it is what it is. Brennan definitely got the short end of the stick though. Great tourney for him!
I am replying to this post because I don’t know which other one to post this at, but I keep forgetting to write this when I’m on here…

For those of you who like referring to ppl by their nicknames, Brennan has had the same nickname since he was 6… His nickname is “Burns..” A large portion of wrestling ppl in SE Iowa have referred to him as “Burns” for 15 years now…. So if you ever hear someone talking about a “Burns” in the crowd or whatever, they are likely a SE Iowan talking about Brennan.

This announcer at a youth Dual in Morning Sun referred to him as Brennan “Burn Baby Burn” one time when he went out to wrestle and eventually it became “Burns” and stuck.

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