USC and UCLA to the B1G?


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Oct 3, 2010
Distasteful? I mean I'd much rather they cut men's golf or gymnastics but they were just making moves to help feed the cash cow that makes all the other non revenue sports possible in the first place. In all those examples the football programs experienced quite a bit of success afterward which is much better for the athletic dept overall so it is what is but I'd hardly call it distasteful

And maybe Iowa got a few more individual national champions because those teams didn't exist all these years, who knows?
No, Football doesn't make all those other sports possible at most schools, as football programs need that football revenue these days. And very few college programs bring in enough revenue to make them self-supporting anyway. Your tax dollars and tuition make all those other sports possible. All I can say is "Thank you." Like you, I'd much rather have them cut golf or gymnastics, but I'm an Iowa homer, so my opinion is a bit biased. ;)

This from the NCAA in 2015:

Also, as far as I know, USC and UCLA never had good wrestling teams, so the chances of them affecting Iowa's individual national champs were probably low back then, but I could be wrong on this.
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Jul 15, 2001
I just remember the Stanfod wrestling coach stating how many administrators and assistant ADs they had when wrestling and the other sports were dropped. I know that when I was coaching D1, we had more administrators than coaches. I do not have exact numbers, but it is silly when you look at the academic advisors, and fund raisers and facitliy coordinators, it gets pretty crazy. Especially since they all need a couple assistants.

Thanks. Difficult to make a lot of assumptions from there. It isn't like a $120M+ business can get by without carrying a lot of overhead, though. Especially one that has so many rules and regulations to follow. How much is too much or too idea. I know we all suspect they're a bloated bureaucracy.

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