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    Flaccid Dreaming

    Anyone dealt with this?
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    *****Rutgers vs Iowa Game Thread*****

    1pm BTN Iowa -4 Rutgers coming in today winners of 3 of their last 4 games (@ NW, OSU and PSU). Iowa won @ Rutgers 76-65 only 3 weeks ago. Iowa desperately needs this one after losing two straight. I’m thinking 79-72 hawks
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    Billy Packer 🪦

    one of the best!
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    is that man a hero?

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    favorite pen

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    Billy Packer 🪦

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    Narvik - Netflix movie

    decent WW2 flick, not overly gory decent storyline, 3.5 stars
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    marry, kill, bang

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    Minnesota/Alabama 5 v 3 game

    How is my brain not remembering this game?
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    *****Iowa vs Mich St Game Thread*****

    6:00pm FS1 MSU -2.5 MSU isn’t great this year, they’ve lost 3 of the last 4 games (PU, IL and IN). Although the Hawks historically don’t win at the Breslin Center. Izzo’s home court refs are tough to beat. Unfortunately I’m going to miss another game tonight due to kids sports. my...
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    Tappa's steakhouse in Davenport closing

    personally I've never been a fan, although we have friends that adore the place. last time I took the family there, early 2022, it was disgusting dirty (tables and seats sticky and the floor looked like it hadn't been cleaned in years). The service was awful too.
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    Wife, husband planned fatal shooting in hospital for week

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    Nickleback releases summer tour dates

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    Clark with most triple doubles in B1G history

    More than any woman or man! how special she is!
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    Who buys this carp?

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    Casey’s knows exactly what we need!

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    *****Iowa (W) vs Ohio State Game Thread*****

    Big game tonight! No. 9 Iowa (15-4, 7-1 Big Ten Conference) heads to No. 2 Ohio State (19-0, 8-0) Tipoff is slated for 6 p.m. on ESPN2.
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    KU fan becoming quite popular

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    *****Iowa vs Ohio St Game Thread *****

    1pm Fox OSU -3.5 Unfortunately I’m going miss the game today it’s probably best as OSU is going to give the Hawks everything they’ve got after losing 5 straight. I hope I’m wrong, but it smells like a 75-70 OSU victory.
  20. QChawks

    CD rates continue to rise

    it's a great time to drop some cash into a CD, our local Credit Union has a 4.5% @ 15 month CD there is some talk that they may hit 5-6% later this year but at current rate it's a low-risk way to make some easy money