Assistant Coach Kirk Speraw announces retirement


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Apr 3, 2008
Perry, Iowa
He just won the BTT. No doubt that was a great run. His only tourney run... outside of making the NIT Final in 2013.

The "most wins in history" is more a by product of how long he's had the job. He also has the most losses in school history.

Before you leap to false conclusions, I'm not agreeing with O'Keefe...just completing the picture.

That said, some youth would be a good move. Kirk Speraw was great and Billy Taylor was a tough loss too, need to replace them with somebody good and younger. There are some great young assistants that could position themselves to be the next HC when Fran retires.
Meant to say second highest/most wins in a season… cite the B10 tournament run as his “only” tournament run and then list another significant post season run…the bottom line is that he’s proven he can/does win.


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Oct 31, 2001
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You think winning the BTT is the same as winning the conference championship? How alford of you! While a nice achievement and a fun experience, I maintain the last conference championship for us was the tie with Purdue in 1979.
The tournament champion gets the automatic bid. The conference championship game only occurs once, and Iowa won it. They haven't won the regular season yet, yes, but they have won a championship game.


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Jan 30, 2008
Matt Gatens has a lot of reasons to visit IC, but, I heard that he was here mid week. Could be something, or it could be coincidence.