Best Midwest Cities for Millennials


HR King
Feb 11, 2013
Quad Cities
Millennials are a growing force in the housing market. They account for the largest group of homebuyers by generation, even though the majority of millennials are not yet homeowners.
With millennials entering the typical age range for first-time homebuyers, The Ascent evaluated the largest cities in the Midwest for millennial homebuyers, and ranked the top 10.
We ranked those cities based on cost of living, home prices, homeowners insurance premiums, car insurance premiums, and social equity.
In an effort to make our readers smarter, happier, and richer, our editors also selected the best banks, credit unions, homeowners insurance, car insurance, and mortgage lendersin each city. For each category we chose a variety of data points to crown a winner, including interest rates, customer service, fees, geography, and variety of product offerings.
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Best Midwest Cities for Millennials

1. Davenport, Iowa​


Davenport sits on the eastern border of Iowa along the Mississippi river, halfway between Chicago and Des Moines. While Davenport falls short when it comes to public transit, it has below-average healthcare and childcare costs, as well as excellent recreational and cultural amenities. Davenport is home to several major music festivals and has more than 50 public parks and miles of biking and walking paths. Davenport has one of the lower costs of living among Midwest cities -- and the lowest average home price on our list.
  • Average home price: $152,300
  • Median car insurance premium: $1,661 per year
  • Average home insurance premium: $1,502 per year
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HR Legend
Sep 29, 2017
I'm not sure I have ever seen that many ads in a clickbait before.


HR All-American
Sep 12, 2006
Average housing cost in MKE is nearly $320K?

The city has negative desirability, even with its proximity to Chicago. It’s like saying Birmingham benefits from being in Atlanta’s shadow. It doesnt, and a city’s desirability should be judged on its own merits rather than being 90-120 minutes away from a more desirable city.