Feb 7, 2003
Is there any insight into as to whether there is a concerted effort within the Athletic Department, the Wrestling Staff or program supporters to assist athletes in maximizing NIL income? While I suspect there are some NCAA limitations as to what support can be given---apologizes for not knowing----the t-shirt sales and limited advertising spots that I have seen suggest that there is no real expertise being tapped by our wrestlers. Given the fan support and interest, it would seem like NIL opportunities for an Iowa wrestler would dwarf most other schools.

Roy Carver's money helped change the game for Iowa in the 1970's and, without beating a dead horse, money has played a big role in PSU's rise in recent years. The Inner Circle appears to have really done great things in the last 24 months. An expert-led NIL effort could be an additional enhancement for Iowa's efforts to address the money piece of the puzzle.