Opinion No, MSNBC is not the Fox News of the left


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Jun 14, 2005
Not analogous, no matter how much you want it to be. Maddow has written books about Russia. It’s a specific interest of hers, journalistically. And her books are solid. Drift is one most of us could agree on, from a thesis standpoint.

She’s not doing what Hannity or Tucker does.
Court found otherwise, as her lawyers argued.

She’s not the person she was when she wrote Drift.
No matter how much you want her to be.

“I’m pretty sure I am banned by MSNBC,” Greenwald told Huffington Post. “I used to be invited on constantly during the Bush years, and even into the Obama years. Then it kind of tampered off toward the end of the Obama years, when I was criticizing Obama.”

Greenwald told Observer in an email that he believes he was banned from MSNBC in 2017 because of his “harsh criticism of the obsession of MSNBC generally, and Maddow specifically, with the Russia story, as well as their numerous errors and reckless speculation.”

A spokesperson for the network did not immediately respond to Observer’s request for comment.

Throughout the Trump era, Greenwald has taken an aggressive stance toward MSNBC and Maddow. In July, the journalist published an op-ed in his flagship media property The Intercept titled “MSNBC Does Not Merely Permit Fabrications Against Democratic Party Critics. It Encourages and Rewards Them.” The piece cast questions over the network’s frequent guest Malcolm Nance—a former Naval Officer who accused Greenwald of being “an agent of Trump & Moscow” over Twitter—and the network’s coverage of critics toward the Democratic Party.

No, I'm noting that MSNBC serially lies about people by airing fabricators who invent accusations that people are paid agents of a foreign power. I know that liberals think that lies told by liberal outlets shouldn't be discussed: that was the point of my article.
— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) July 12, 2018

But tensions with Greenwald and Maddow were not always so strained. In an interview with New York Magazine earlier this year, The Intercept founder recalled his friendship with the cable news host, before shuddering at her career in recent years.

“I used to be really good friends with Rachel Maddow,” he told the publication. “And I’ve seen her devolution from this really interesting, really smart, independent thinker into this utterly scripted, intellectually dishonest, partisan hack.”



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Jun 3, 2003
You are correct. MSNBC is far more to the left then Fox is to the right and it’s really not even close.

JFC. Stupid TV can simply apologize for leading its viewers down the path to failure.

Morons gleefully watching idiots spewing garbage = 70 congress seats imagined turn into "0" red wave.