Proposed slogan for Rush beer canned by the regulators...

The Tradition

HR King
Apr 23, 2002
Rush singer and bassist Geddy Lee revealed that he and guitarist Alex Lifeson were forbidden from using a slogan they’d come up with for the launch of their branded beer.

Rush Canadian Golden Ale weighs in at 5.5 percent ABV, and the can features the Starman artwork from the classic album 2112, along with the tagline “Books are for tourists.” But in a new interview with Classic Rock, Lee revealed those words aren't the ones they wanted to be inscribed above the graphic.

“Rush fans like beer,” he said. “Hendersons approached us during the pandemic and said, ‘If you’re interested, then we’ll send 15 beers to you and Alex. You can taste them and give us your notes.’ They came back with this golden ale, and we said, ‘****, we like it!’ ...

Did you know the phrase ‘Drinking beer is better than being hit in the head with a hammer’ can’t be put on a beer can? Me neither. But that’s a no-no. We did ask.”


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