So lets talk about the defense vs the.....

Feb 25, 2008
We all know today is gonna be a sh** show, but let's at least talk about things we want to see from the defense while the effort is still there.

Here's 3 things I'd like to see from the defense against the, while the game is still within 40 pts..............

1. Run defense. One of the few glaring weaknesses of this defense is their penchant for getting gashed in the run game. We may limit big plays, but like in years past where teams like NW and Purdue would dink and dunk 5,6,7 yds at a time down the field in the pass game, we seem to be giving up that amount in the run game at inopportune times. You look at the ISU drive that lost us the game, the Michigan game obviously, and even the Illinois game.

If we can't show that we can't limit the run on 1st and 2nd down, then it truly will be a 60 minute exercise in futility.

2. And that leads me to my next point. This is gonna sound crazy, but we need to make the have to pass the ball, one-dimensionally, if we even wanna entertain the idea that this miracle could become a reality. Their strength also plays right into our hands. We are a team that strives to limit the big play, especially in the pass game, and where we get teams in trouble is when they get greedy and try to take shots downfield, and we're ready for it.

Now that's easier said than done against future NFL talent, but that's pretty much all we can hope for if we want to force turnovers and continue to put the offense in a position where they don't lose enough yardage that we can at least get FGs out of a drive.........or better yet, return some TOs for a score.

I mean if the Arizona Cardinals can return back to back pick 6s, then why can't we!? :D

But the point being, we can't allow the to do to us what Michigan and Illinois did, which was chip away at our defense with the run, and keep them a threat from both facets on offense.

3. Better angles from our back 7. One thing I've noticed from our stud linebackers, on occasion, is that they manage to get sucked into the muck on run plays and work themselves out of position to make the tackle. I've seen Benson do this numerous times, where he overpursued inside, and left a gap open for the RB to bounce outside. We saw our All-American LB Jack Campbell get put on skates on Michigan's last TD run by Corum. Granted he's a great RB, but Campbell bit on the juke and bounced inside, overpursing to the middle of the field, allowing Corum to bounce to the outside and race for the endzone. Had Campbell remained disciplined and not bit and forced Corum inside, maybe he makes the tackle, maybe not, but I also guarantee Corum wouldn't have gone for a TD, regardless.......

Our stars need to find that discipline they're allegedly known for, and keep the from bouncing runs to the outside for chunk plays, thus keeping their offense on the field longer than they should be.

Again, every little opportunity to limit their number of offensive plays is the best way for the defense to help themselves in not being on the field any longer than need be.