The latest: Danish filmmakers turn over Roger Stone footage to Jan. 6 committee


HR King
May 29, 2001
Danish filmmakers have given the House Jan. 6 committee video footage of Roger Stone welcoming the prospect of violent clashes and calling for then-President Donald Trump to use armed guards to stay in power during the months before the attack.
The footage was first reported by The Washington Post in March. The committee had intended to show clips during a hearing Wednesday that was postponed due to Hurricane Ian, according to people familiar with the plans.
Director Christoffer Guldbrandsen told The Post that he shared the footage in response to a committee subpoena.
Guldbrandsen followed Stone for extended periods between 2019 and 2021, joining him in Washington for the “Stop the Steal” rallies that spilled into violence at the Capitol on Jan. 6. His film “A Storm Foretold” is expected to be released later this year.
In one clip the filmmakers gave the committee, Stone told a staffer in July 2020 that Trump should use the powers of his office to reject official results and secure victory in the courts.
“It’s going to be really nasty,” Stone said. “If the electors show up at the electoral college, armed guards will throw them out,” he said.
“ ‘I’m the president. F--- you,’ ” Stone said, imagining Trump’s remarks. “ ‘You’re not stealing Florida, you’re not stealing Ohio. I’m challenging all of it, and the judges we’re going to are judges I appointed.’ ”

Stone says ‘Let's get right to the violence’

In video filmed for the upcoming documentary "A Storm Foretold," Roger Stone said on Nov. 2, 2020, "let's get right to the violence." (Video: “A Storm Foretold”)
In another clip selected by the committee, recorded the day before the election, Stone discussed with associates the prospect of violent clashes with left-wing adversaries.

Stone previously claimed to The Post that the Danish footage was “deep fake” material and denied that he endorsed violence on Jan. 6 or at any other time. In a Telegram post this week, he likened his call for Trump to claim victory to advice George W. Bush received from advisers to do the same while the 2000 election result was disputed.