Y'all are going to be stuck with me here for a loooooong time....


Jan 23, 2018
Actually, you should start your own thread complete with ****Official....**** in the title and just go to town with stories.
I sorta like the "secret knowledge club/cult" aspect of doing it through this one.

So, no doubt you've heard of pro ball players always seeking "an edge". Three stories in that vein.

First, when Charlie was managing a big league club which shall remain nameless, they had set up an outfield camera system to steal pitch signs, back when the Astros were still the Colt .45's. So they hit go live day, and immediately lose both games of a doubleheader, 10-0 and 12-0. System scrapped.

Second, Charlie was not resistant to science or alternative tactics. He took ventriloquism lessons to try to learn to throw his voice to mess with opponents. He also had all of the opposing managers' handwriting analyzed for psychological tendencies, using game line up cards.

Finally, Charlie convinced the Dodgers to launch a "spy in the sky" system, which entailed putting a scout in the press box with a walkie talkie to get better depth perspective for positioning outfielders. So they come into Philly, and the Phillies were very paranoid about what he might be doing, so they refused to put him in the press box and instead put him out in center field way the hell up in the 700 level of old Veterans Stadium. Not a problem, because he got plenty of depth perception from up there to do his job. But late in the game, he decided to have a little fun, and randomly got up and started making semaphore signals using his clipboards and defensive positioning charts. Totally coincidentally, Dodgers player hits HR. The next night, he shows up, and is immediately given a ticket to the press box. They'd been countersurveilling him the whole time.