epstein didn’t kill himself

  1. LuciousBDragon

    Fat people are harder to kidnap

  2. LuciousBDragon

    Milf prices

    $2.99 $5.99 $4.99 $0.99 $3.99 $5.99 Free with any purchase
  3. LuciousBDragon

    Marianne Williamson hot-mic moment: “Conservatives are nicer to me”

  4. LuciousBDragon

    Casey’s goes Public

    Sorry if Pepsi but you can also get Pepsi at Casey’s along with Heaven’s pizza. Did anyone get in on the ground floor? https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200110005451/en/Casey’s-General-Stores-Rings-Opening-Bell-NASDAQ
  5. LuciousBDragon

    Iranian news hot take

    Arabic Wash DC correspondent view is interesting in his twitter thread today:
  6. LuciousBDragon

    “PENIS MAN” Terrorizes City

  7. LuciousBDragon

    POLL: How often do you get a physical?

    Mrs. Dragon (no pics) wants me to get a physical. It has been 4 years. Am I due or is she a crazy?
  8. LuciousBDragon

    POLL: Things you can bank on

    Where do you put your trust?
  9. LuciousBDragon

    Christmas / Winter Break Pooping thread

    It is not a holiday on HROT without discussing our poops (or lack thereof). How is everyone doing so far? T’s & P’s for those of you who have not poo’d this week. Me (yesterday & today):
  10. LuciousBDragon

    HROT Present Wrapping Capabilities Poll

    How good can you wrap? I just finished. I’m dreadful, the worst, and I think I even put in a solid effort. I can run a business but cannot slap shiny paper on a box to save my life...CSB.
  11. LuciousBDragon

    I met my goal today - & bewbs

    Good Men, I humbly would like to announce that thanks to you, I have been able to achieve a true 1:1 Like-to-Post ratio. I could say that this is all thanks to my snark, wit, religious fanaticism, Simpson’s gifs, and occasional bewbs and fannies. No, that is not true. IT IS ALL THANKS TO YOU...
  12. LuciousBDragon

    What is your favorite gut?

    Do you like a nice beer belly or are you obsessed with an obese over-inflated basketball inside you? Hairy or not hairy? Constantly sweating and hairy? What about a little pooch on the ladies?
  13. LuciousBDragon

    Sleeping with the enemy

    Woodst thou?