epstein didn’t kill himself

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    Brian Kelly - Lit AF. Or, another reason to appreciate Kirk.

    We may never make the CFP but we have not sold our soul. I might make an exception if some recruit’s mom wants to twerk up on Ferentz though.
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    Airline industry study warns of massive impacts if FAA’s 5G directive takes effect

    Interesting high - level details on the effects of 5G networks coming online and how they will alter poor visibility approaches into certain airports. Discuss and be sure to deflect to support your political ideology please! https://thepointsguy.com/news/faa-5g-study-airlines-for-america/
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    Pfizer hiring huge new COVID-19 Booster Sales Team

    This is an odd look. Pfizer is restructuring and laying off various teams in a restructuring move and preparing to hire a massive new COVID 19 booster vaccine sales force. Have a friend who was recently laid off after 20+ years with Pfizer who said the same thing. The new booster should not...
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    China eyes trillions in Afghanistan minerals

    Bold prediction….China whips out their 21st century playbook and offers to build infrastructure in Afghanistan for the new Taliban government in exchange for mineral rights they need to keep their machine running. We have seen this before. Taliban becomes a Chinese proxy. China can...
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    Hollywood wisdom…

    In sad retrospect of the events in Afghanistan today, let us look back at the wisdom Hollywood has taught us:
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    Describe yourself using one…

    Simple question. Describe yourself using either one movie title, song title, or TV show title. Go. Me - “Big” OP’s Mom - “300”
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    I am looking for a hand crank cream maker,

    Tired of cranking out my own cream. Need a good ol’ fashioned hand crank from Mrs. Dragon (no pics) but she is not interested today. What should I do? What SHOULD I do????
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    I was today years old when I learned…

    …that over a decade ago, the military invented robots that can consume organic matter (including human corpses) and use it for fuel. Thus creating robots that could live forever!!! It is terrifying and awesome at the same time knowing how I will die...
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    Good morning. Plaids?

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    Latest Israeli - Palestian conflict origin. Agree or Disagree?

    The Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood (east Jerusalem) and a relatively easy to understand property dispute. Local courts upheld longstanding universally recognized law that says “if you don’t pay rent, you move out.” This had nothing to do with Israeli’s “cleansing” a neighborhood. Rather, it was a...
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    SIAP - New round of hot Russian-Ukrainian conflict

    Looks like Russia is officially putting the Biden Admin on notice that there will be work to do. Thousands of Russian troops and artillery is being reported on the March to the eastern Ukraine border with Russia. https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-ukraine-crisis-russia-idUKKBN2BO6BU
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    Migrant drop offs

    They’ve begun! https://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/migrant-crisis-forces-arizona-border-town-to-declare-state-of-emergency
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    Cubs - Marquee Network - Cannot escape grasp of Beth Mowins

    She’s back. It’s like she just follows us around and will never die. Help us, help us!!!! https://wgnradio.com/bob-sirott/mornings-with-marquee/mornings-with-marquee-making-history-with-beth-mowins/
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    Michigan State Spartans presented by Rocket Mortgage

    I wish this was an article from the Onion. Hope this is a fake but eff me in anus hole if this is true. For, if it is true, then we are only a year away from your Iowa Hawkeyes presented by Pizza Ranch...
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    Time for wild speculation! Is Meghan Markle....

    ....a foreign spy or asset being used to expose, breakup, and/or bring down the British Royal Crown and the British aristocracy? I have no dog in this fight but I find it fascinating that this girl shows up and hundreds and hundreds of years of British Monarchy starts unraveling all of a...
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    Zoom Fatigue

    Finally, a real research paper that describes and confirms in detail what many of us have been experiencing this last year. We all know it has been happening, but nice to have the research work to back it up. What I am trying to say is I am using this as ammunition to tell Mrs. Dragon (no...
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    The Pope is taking a trip....

    ....to Iraq! Surprised this is not getting more press. The NYT, WaPo, NBC all have articles on their website however the details mainly pertain to risk of coronavirus spread. I am frankly shocked that they are down playing the security risk to himself. Northern Iraq is about the most...
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    Good boner music?

    I've done the deed for years but with the pandemic and growing older I haven't gotten it high for close to 2 years. thinking about firing up the old pipe. whats your best boner music???
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    POLL: Would you be for or against voting every single one of them out?

    Tell me why I’m wrong. Proposal: Americans of all walks of life unite to ensure that no incumbent member of Congress is re-elected in 2022, 2024, and 2026. Remove every last member of the House and Senate over the next few election cycles until no one remains and there is all fresh blood. By...
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    Ruin a song with one letter

    Haven’t had this kinda thread in a long time. Here goes: John Mellencamp - Crumblin’ down “When the Balls come crumblin’ down!”