*****Richmond vs Iowa Game Thread*****

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Feb 24, 2007
Good game Hawkeyes. Enjoyed the banter over the past week. Will definitely be pulling for you guys in the future with the classy bunch you are. Will check in from time to time if y'all ever play other A10 squads, feel free to come to our board as well. Take care.
Appreciate it, all the best to the spiders the rest of the way.


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Mar 26, 2006
I have always wondered how much the ball affects a player's shot. I know teams end up using a variety of basketballs due to contracts schools have, but the ball is one thing that needs to be the same for everyone. Textures are different and there are some that feel heavier even though they probably are not.
I think it was TK who posted yesterday the team was having issues with it in practice. They started shooting it better later. Wisconsin at one time, still may, use a Wilson and I remember players commenting that it feels different and the bounce is different. Someone posted on the MB that it seems more rubbery. Not sure the type of ball should be an excuse because the other team uses it also, but points in the paint may be the way to eliminate the issue. Iowa preferred to hoist up 3’s and didn’t want to play defense instead.

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Oct 10, 2001
It was a fitting end that we fouled their 85% FT shooter not once, but twice with the game still within reach... :confused:
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May 29, 2001
One of the problems with officiating in the tournament is they put guys together that usually don't work together during the season. That is a major problem to me. Even though basketball should be "called" the same no matter what league, it just doesn't happen. Officials should work with the crew they worked with throughout the year. They should also not have officials call a game that officiates either team in their conference.
Not for the teams that come out on top....
Some coaches just know how to win these kind of games, Fran and his staff just do not. There's no other way to sugar coat it.
2 years now, with as good of players you could ask Iowa to have on their roster and both times Iowa laid an egg.
It's unfortunate but it's the legacy that Iowa has established and it's not going to get any better.... it's now engrained in our DNA.