epstein didn’t kill himself

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    POLL: Wouldja (Trump antibody edition)

    Purely hypothetical. But, if they somehow manufactured a vaccine using only President Trump’s antibodies, wouldja vaccinate yourself with the serum of this silly, selfish man?
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    Election Rage - What not to do

    Regardless which side you are on, be sure to rage with caution. When flipping off opposing protesters while operating a motor vehicle, be sure to firmly keep your foot on the break or put your car in park.
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    POLL: Would you rather...?

    You must pick one, only one...
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    B1G G1Fs

    In GIF form, describe the B1G in 2020:
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    New York Times - Your Coronavirus Test was Positive. Maybe it shouldn’t be.

    More Corona Pepsi but what’s another thread going to hurt? Thoughts? https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/29/health/coronavirus-testing.html
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    The coming poop

    It’s going to be a dandy. Pizza and wings last night to start the holiday weekend. Ate lots of cabbage salad earlier in the day and let it all ferment with several gin & tonics overnight. I can feel it building this afternoon and I am predicting an evening excrement. While on the potty, I...
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    SIAP - The deceased can catch COVID now

    Sorry if Pepsi but we need to pray for the hundreds of millions of dead Americans now. Appears our beloved ones six feet under or in ashes are succeptable to COVID-19...
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    Saturday Night Men?

    Who is your favorite man of Saturday evening fame?
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    SIAP: B1G Commish’s son plays the foosball for SEC

    Possible Pepsi but saw this on the Tweet box and looked for myself to verify. Our commish let football get canceled up north while his son is on track to play football down south. Splendid! https://hailstate.com/sports/football/roster/powers-warren/1746
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    WTH Canada...

    ....Canada has beaches???? Who knew!?!? Also, Canada has bloody chainsaw attackers too now. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/cherrybeach-arrests-1.5680690
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    Caption this photo or which HROT’er is this?

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    POLL: Preferred method of death

    How do you like to have your breath taken away?
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    John Muir meet cancel culture

    The dude had opinions at one time. Whole Sierra Club founding fathers had opinions. Cancel culture, do ya thang! https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-07-22/sierra-club-calls-out-the-racism-of-john-muir https://www.sierraclub.org/michael-brune/2020/07/john-muir-early-history-sierra-club
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    Teen Vogue magazine says it is time for Blacks to claim sleep reparations

    Feel free to discuss and try not to argue too much. The was published in a magazine marketed toward teenagers FWIW. https://www.teenvogue.com/story/black-power-naps-addressing-systemic-racism-in-sleep
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    Drug Dealer Simulator

    So I told my 8 year old son we could look at maybe going 50/50 on a new video game for his Switch to help beat the COVID blues. We were perusing the catalog of new games and stumbled upon Drug Dealer Simulator. Apparently the cannabis industry is serious about getting young kids indoctrinated...
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    Uighurs loaded onto trains

    Trending on Twitter today. Let’s put all the arguing on hold and remember outside our borders there are even bigger issues going on that the world should be unified in dealing with (but isn’t).
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    Flights out of CHAZ are turbulent

    First the airline says your bag is 1 pound overweight, then the plane is an hour late, you get shoved in a middle seat next to a man who smells like my Mom’s sweatpants and now you have to accept the black Jesus when you just want to get some sleep on a red-eye...
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    2020 gets even worse: Bears edition

    SIAP. Bears have nunchuks now. Dying alone in a nursing home from COVID or stung from murder hornets ain’t looking so bad now.
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    What is your 2020/COVID theme song?

    What is one go-to song right now that you would use to describe your 2020 experience? Mine:
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    Recommend a small tabletop sized humidor.

    Good Men, Found myself enjoying a stogey more often during the ‘rona and i have developed a stronger taste for them. It is dry here at my estate so I need a good system to keep them in proper humidity levels. Now, I will preface this with I do not need a full gold-plated walk-in humidor...