epstein didn’t kill himself

  1. LuciousBDragon

    POLL: How many bodily fluids have exited you today?

    I think I may have an all-time personal record today. What is your personal best? Urine Saliva Tears (saline) Blood Feces Semen Vomit Diarrhea
  2. LuciousBDragon

    So I have to go under your wife tomorrow

    Fūcking 2021! So I am going under your wife tomorrow. Once a year she enjoys a good face-sitting followed up by some cowgirl/reverse cowgirl action so she called me. Any tips, tricks, or other best practices you recommend?
  3. LuciousBDragon

    Who is behind the earpiece?

  4. LuciousBDragon

    How closely do you monitor your tool?

    Every minute or just occasionally? visually only or do you touch it? detailed look or cursory glance? Personally, I have difficulty monitoring mine because, each time, about every one-minute and 38 seconds I experience a very dramatic discharge accompanied by a brief but extreme euphoria.
  5. LuciousBDragon

    How often should the American people storm the Capitol building?

    Now, do not hear what I am not saying. But, watching the events unfold today give me two key thoughts. First and foremost, violence should not be tolerated and is unacceptable. There are a few today who are choosing violence instead of peaceful protest and that is never the right way to voice...
  6. LuciousBDragon

    Just woke up...

    West coast so just getting up, making the kids wait a few more minutes before they go downstairs and tear up the tree with the energy of a thousand Labrador retrievers. So while I wait I check my HROT and geeeesh, some of you have forgotten it’s Christmas already. Was expecting joyful...
  7. LuciousBDragon

    Assassinated or murdered?

    This is the junk that goes through my head at 2am. Where do you draw the line at someone being murdered bs assassinated? Meaning, how important or significant must one be when they are killed to be considered assassinated instead of just plain ol’ murdered. Both murder and assassinations can...
  8. LuciousBDragon

    POLL: Who is bigger SOTE???

    Who makes for the biggest scum? I normally try to mentally shut down by Noon on Fridays as a general rule. I may do some catch up work on Friday afternoon but nothing brain-intensive. My goal is to be at a bar by 2-2:30. Doesn’t always work out but one must have a goal. Anywho, today I have...
  9. LuciousBDragon

    Seahawk SAT’s

    Fill in the blanks: DK Metcalf is to ___________, as OP’s Mom is to ____________?
  10. LuciousBDragon

    How reliable is Tesla?

    Not the best band ever. But not the worst either.
  11. LuciousBDragon

    Scooting rumor

    Heard a rumor that mom has been scootin’ around on the carpet a lot lately. I guess you ungrateful ingrates forgot the rule that last man of the night must squeeze her anal glands! Bastards!
  12. LuciousBDragon

    White recommendations?

    Does anyone else have the problem with their spouse talking about paint colors? Me: “Let’s paint this room white. I’ll go get some white paint.” Spouse: “I need you first to go get some strips, one from each color section. It’s not really an eggshell white, it is more of a seashell white...
  13. LuciousBDragon

    Made up a new game today

    Lucky enough to have some alone time with me, myself, & I today while watching the Hawks win and then tuned in Okey St/KSU. Anywho, good time to start drinking obviously. I’m in my garage barefoot watching games and decided I would not take my dirty feet inside the house to take a leak...
  14. LuciousBDragon

    Election Interference favoring Trump (Then & Now)

    2016 - Trump narrowly wins election. Opposition claims election inference widespread. 2020 - Trump narrowly losing election (<1% in multiple states). Opposition has not claimed one iota of election inference supporting Trump. What gives? It suggests there may have been no interference in...
  15. LuciousBDragon

    Election Erection Update - AZ (11/5/2020)

    Figure I would give you yahoo's an update on what I'm seeing here in the land of the 60 year old cougars with leather skin. The indicators as being reported by the media are trending for Trump. Many of the votes still being tabulated are mail-in or early ballots that were dropped off on the...
  16. LuciousBDragon

    Super scientific “Cookie Poll” in Pennsylvania predicts...

    .....another Trump victory. 6-to-1 sales for Trump cookies vs Biden cookies says the election there is baked for Trump. Their strangely-accurate polling history suggests a few morsels of good sweet news for DJT...
  17. LuciousBDragon

    POLL: Which one would you rather be?

    Pick one!
  18. LuciousBDragon

    Mobile Dog Gyms

    In my area, there are tons of mobile dog groomers. People who start a little business with a van or maybe a truck with a small trailer they equip to do dog washing and grooming. It’s a business model that I can see value in. I don’t own a dog and if I did, probably would not use such a...
  19. LuciousBDragon

    China - Welcome to the UN Human Rights Council!!!

    UN members voted to add China to the Human Rights Council this week. Russia made it in too but they drew the line at Saudi Arabia. Apparently China's resume of hi-tech citizen monitoring, destroying dissenters, history of population control, and persecuting ethnic groups on a large scale was...
  20. LuciousBDragon

    AZ - Prop. 207 (Mary Jane)

    So here in the sunny state of AZ, recreational marijuana is on the ballot. The state has mailed out its voter guides which include a section on this ballot proposition. They are required to provide equal space in the guide for both pro and con arguments. I noticed for Prop 207, there were...