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Jan 17, 2002
After 6 games, we are 3-3, have the worst offense in College Football.

6 games to go, we will likely need an upset win in order to make a bowl game.

Despite published articles, letters to Gary Barta, boycott of games and reduced donations, nepotism runs wild in Iowa City and there will not be any changes in the off-season to the coaching staff.

Where does Iowa go from here offensively in 2023?

QB: Petras does have a Covid year. Does he take it, or does he transfer to another school or decide to call it a career?
Backups: Padilla. While he has shown more mobility, is he the answer going into his senior season? Labas? The jury is out? The recruit Lainez looks promising, but no true freshman QB is ever going to start under Ferentz, especially with veterans ahead of them.

OL: The offensive line has been a major disappointment. I am really surprised to see the lack of development or growth. Part of the struggles at QB are not able to get a push off the ball to establish a running game even against perceived weaker opponents. Illinois lived in the backfield last Saturday. The hope is that there will be continued development and I know Iowa has recruited well, therefore we can think positively about an improved line in 2023.

RB: I think Iowa has talent at RB, they just need a better line to show off the skillsets. We have a nice balance of power/North-South running and guys who have quickness laterally. If nobody transfers, combined with OL improvement, I hope 2023 is an opportunity to get some 100 yard games out of these guys.

TE: We lose LaPorta which will hurt, but Lachey looks good as well. Iowa will always have solid TE in the Ferentz offense.

WR: This is what scares me the most. Look at our WR corps. Ragaini is the most target WR, a 6th year senior. Arland Bruce is a nice slot WR. Keagan Johnson and Vines can’t stay healthy. These guys might have the most potential, but do they stay? Bostick? Otherwise, there are zero commitments in the current recruiting class at the WR position. The remaining WR are walk-ons, or guys that have shown anything.
Iowa must hit the portal for someone, but who wants to come to Iowa to play WR?

Even if Iowa upsets the apple cart in the offseason and revamps the offense, is there a quick-fix consider the roster we have currently? Unfortunately, 2023 looks a lot like 2022.
Nov 22, 2015
Petras could probably come across as serviceable with a good Oline. He should transfer to an FCS school and he probably would do ok. Iowa needs 2-3 solid Oline transfers and a wr transfer and a new OC and there may be hope for next year. Very reliant on the portal though…I think between May, Labas and Lainez we would be ok at qb with a better line. My 2 cents


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Sep 17, 2002
Two things are going to be a big part of 2023:

1. Transfers (out, because I doubt Kirk brings any in).
2. If Brian is still OC.