This Nebraska head coach situation


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Jun 28, 2001
They really are the greatest fans. Just ask them.

I keep trying to find out, and nobody seems to be able to answer, whether or not they still stand and applaud for the visiting opponent after every home game. I know for a fact they did that when they went 62-3 at home during the 90s, but have they continued to do that during this 36-29 stretch these past ten years? Did they clap for Georgia Southern this year?
It’s pretty easy to be the great host when they were drilling the visitors by 5-7 touchdowns most of the time.
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Sep 26, 2022
Western IA
Look for either Bill O’ Brien or Dave Aranda to be next hc.

Whover it is, it will be a difficult job. Huskers are one of the worst football prgrams in NCAA. They are absolutely at the bottom of the barrel, as Iowa has found out the last 7 or 8 years. Absolutely embarassing.

It is what it is.

And I couldn't be happier. Yeah, the hawks have issues, but for me at least, the huskers sucking gives me some satisfaction.
I grew up in Western Iowa where the air waves were saturated with Cornhusker self love. Their fans suck. You couldn't turn on a radio or a tv in the 70s through the late 90s without the self fellatio set to 10.

Anyone else remember that douchebag Lyell Bremser?

And before anyone comes back and says, "Oh, you got it wrong the Huskers and their fans are all part of a great blue blood dynasty", let me just say, you're wrong. They're awful. Growing up around it ruined me.
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Oct 7, 2003
You were definitely right on that one.
He shit in his own nest by leaving Ames. With the start he had, he could have turned that place into something special, and transitioned that program past the transfer portal destination. Instead, yet another Cyclone golden boy gave their program a good 'ol screw job lol!
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Dec 2, 2004
It’s pretty easy to be the great host when they were drilling the visitors by 5-7 touchdowns most of the time.
Yeah, I’m sure the Clowns and the Jayhawks really appreciated that sign of sportsmanship as they walked out of Memorial Stadium after a 70-3 drubbing. Probably teared up. “What great fans…sniff…”
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